hard wired puch

My maxi was hard wired when I got it. No biggie. I added a kill switch with out any issue but I'd like to add a horn and maybe turn signals. I think I can wire the horn from the wiring block to a switch to a ground. How would I wire up after market turn signals? Or should I skip them all together? I don't think Missouri law requires them.

Re: hard wired puch

I think you'll need to wire in a turn signal flasher so they'll blink

Re: hard wired puch

Probably Fred /

[attachment 131104 image.jpg

Maxi's didn't come with signals

You will need the cat eye battery/flasher unit

Re: hard wired puch

I wouldnt even worry about it just get those hands up for your turn signals just as good as a light I like to keep it as simple as possible

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