Maxi horn on all of the time

Took the cover off the horn/light switch thinking the horn button got stuck; wires seem just fine under there too. Horn still on no matter what even with the cover off. Otherwise the ped runs I'm just the noisiest thing coming down the street.

Help troubleshoot this.

Re: Maxi horn on all of the time

I knocked the two wires from the harness to the switch loose and the horn sounded, switch unhooked, could be that or switch is bad Look to see how its grounded, through the switch or through the horn to the frame. A volt meter would help.

Re: Maxi horn on all of the time

Common issue with the older metal switches, easy fix, I actually just had to do it the other day on the latest maxi. The switch is supposed to be connected when not pressed, grounding the power to the horn (the ignition also grounds through the horn circuit, more explanation here). When you press the thumb button in it pushes the hooky end of the tab off the post, and the only ground is the horn, so it sounds. The spring gets worn out and the tab gets permanently bent in. You can take a pair of needle-nose pliers and bend the spring back toward the copper tab to keep it pressed against the switch body and keep the hooky end pressed against the post better, if that's not enough you can bend the hooky part a little toward the post. I've also seen the rivet get loose, which can be hammered or squeezed back tight. You tell when when it's right by feeling for it contacting the post as you slip the cover on, and watching for the button to pull in a little. (edited)

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