Bing 1/17/73 accelerates doesn't idle down

New to the forum, I have a 1965 K54 and I've cleaned the Bing Carb on it, I have no idea what the adjustment screws do. No matter what I do it starts and revs right up doesn't idle. I don't have the air filter in it, and there is no seal on the top of the carb. Anyone willing to give me a quick tutorial ? Thanks in advance!

Re: Bing 1/17/73 accelerates doesn't idle down

Probably Fred /

Put the air filter in, seal carb make sure you have slack in throttle cable/cable not binding.

Good chance though that you got a air leak. Many times the mag side crank seal is old/leaky

Re: Bing 1/17/73 accelerates doesn't idle down

this is an older carb, i see a second screw that may be for air mix.

i'd look in the air cleaner side and turn the adjuster screw just above the wire holding the float bowl in, the screw with the spring around it.

this throttle stop should lower your slide as you loosen the screw, if the slide isn't dropping to totally block the opening, there's your issue.

extra air, Eg: vacuum leak is the main reason a motor is able to throttle up uncontrolled.

eliminate the carb. adjustments first, then use the link above to isolate any vac. leaks.

maybe someone can pitch in the second screw's purpose and proper adjustment, as my 1/17/114 lacks that.

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