PA50-I Won't Rev

Didn't do my research and bought a PA50-I instead of a II, I suck. Now that that is out of the way.

Before trying to start it I "cleaned out the gas tank" and carburetor, but now I know the tank was full of old oil and rust, so when I originally started it the gas in the tank was oil rich and the bike smoked and would only idle and shut off under load.

I removed and cleaned the carb again (it's spotless) and using a clean test tank started it again, now it will rev off of idle and I can ride it, but the engine is not peaking out and only goes about a walking pace, well, 10mph.

Once running I switched the back wheel to freewheel so there is ZERO load on the engine an it still will hardly rev higher than idle.

I called a motorcycle mechanic friend who used to have Hobbits and he suggested the stock muffler could be clogged, so I removed it, put on hearing protection inside my closed shop and started it up, no difference (except for loud).

At this point I'm out of ideas. The bike is bone stock, with everything in place. What am I missing? I am using a new NGK plug, I hope it's the right one, just one of my spares for my Maxi.

Re: PA50-I Won't Rev

When you say everything, do you mean you have the air filter tray, air filter element AND the 3 holed snorkel in place? If any one of those are missing, start there. If they are in place, clean the carb again. I don't just mean blow some air and carb cleaner through it. Get in there with the finest wire you can find and probe every single fuel AND air passage.

If it's a clone carb, there is your problem.

Does it idle clean without choke?

Re: PA50-I Won't Rev

Justin Fender /

I cleaned with air, carb cleaner, and wire in every passage. Snorkel and air filter and tray in place. It idles fine with choke off.

Re: PA50-I Won't Rev

Check and set your timing which is done by setting the point gap.

Re: PA50-I Won't Rev

Justin Fender /

Mechanic told me the same thing today, I have not had the chance, but will be ASAP.

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