1982 honda urban express running fast

ok so my urban express has been running kinda weird. i just got it about a month ago and we discovered 2 days ago that there is no air filter we ordered a new one should be here soon could that be the issue? it has a automatic choke we where thinking maybe that could be the cause of it? and it not always fast its just always kinda changing if that makes since and a side note how is the oil injection on it? should i trust it or convert to premix. and if i cant find the cause how much would it cost to just rebuild the engine? thanks

Re: 1982 honda urban express running fast

Trust it in stock or mild performance trim. It is not made of janky parts. Get the service manual and be sure it is in good condition (lines etc) and if you think it has been taken apart at any point, make sure it is bled properly.

Surging or inconsistent idle COULD be the autochoke, but it likely an air leak at a bad seal (intake gaskets or crank seals) or a cracked hose somewhere in the choke system. Check for leaks by spraying carb cleaner at every sealing surface you can get to and also at the crank seals if you can get to the with the bike running. If not, check them for oily residue leaking from them.

Before you do any of this though, be sure that the idle air screw is adjusted properly (use the service manual and wiki) and that the carb is spotlessly clean inside including the jets.

Re: 1982 honda urban express running fast

I just had this same problem. If your idle is jumping after you start it and increases on its own, it is more than likely your crankcase seal. It is a pain in the put to get the driven gear off in order to replace a 5.00 seal. I got my seal on ebay for 5.00 with free shipping. The size is 20x31x7mm. just type that in for your search and you will see the place in california that sells them.

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