5-wire Bosch e-50 with no gray wire?

Steven Whitright /

hey everyone - i have an E50 sitting here that has different wires coming of the stator than i'm used to:






(that's it. no gray)

i'm not sure how to hook it up without the gray jawns; the dude i got it from says he has multiple E50s with that config, and to try to source an 85 or 86 (he thinks) 5-wire wiring diagram... but all of the 5-wire setups i'm finding have a gray wire present.

I've been hunting around (on MA + http://tinyurl.com/k7luv76 etc) and haven't found anything other than this post http://tinyurl.com/k2jr8vf which seems related, but never was answered

anyone have a relevant diagram, have a similar setup where they could please take a photo of their wiring terminal? or just insight to provide (ie maybe this isn't stock/he's wrong)? thanks!

Re: 5-wire Bosch e-50 with no gray wire?

I believe the brake light wire is not there... just wire it accordingly...

Re: 5-wire Bosch e-50 with no gray wire?

Probably Fred /

Just swap the stator out .

It's a older like 1975-76 5 wire diagram I believe.

I only like six wire stators so I swap out the stator to newer late 77 to early 84 version.

Post for a 6 wire stator on buy sell

Treats sells used ones too

Re: 5-wire Bosch e-50 with no gray wire?

Looking at these its either a kill switch or a tail light.http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Puch_wiring_diagrams

Re: 5-wire Bosch e-50 with no gray wire?

Steven Whitright /

ken - it's weird though, all the 5 wire diagrams i've found (74-77 on here and myron's) have a gray wire

attached is a photo of mine (ignore the gray wire you see a the top, that is coming off of the wiring harness... not out of the stator)

i think I might follow your suggestion (which i was going to do if there was no solution)... i just might ask the seller to source/buy it, as this was sold as stock/fully running

steve - what is the 'it' you are referring to? the gray wire? if unclear, what i was saying my stator is actually missing the Gray wire (which is usually used in the tail light yeah); i wasn't sure how to wire the bike up correctly (ie with a tailight/brake light) if it wasn't there


Re: 5-wire Bosch e-50 with no gray wire?

I was looking at the gray wire in the wiring diagrams. Get it to run and play with a jumper to find both tail and kill switch. My guess is yellow/light-horn, Blue/black-ground, green/blue-coil?, green-brake light, blue-coil ? These are my guesses to try to help, I know someone out there knows for sure. Keep trying, my moped was made in the U S from parts all over the world, AMF Roadmaster V1, but I can get parts if I know what they are.

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