Moby clutch bell sticking to variator

Hey guys!

I removed my clutch bell to clean my clutch pads and then tightened it back on to 22ibs. torque. It was fine before but now the clutch bell won't spin independent of the rest of the clutch/variator. This happens after tightening past 5ibs. torque, they start to grab after that and spin as one.

All I did was clean the clutch pads and surfaces that the pads touch. Could the pads on the bell be grabbing the rim part of the clutch? The inner hub of the clutch is well greased - isn't that the only part of the bell that touches the clutch?

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the picture shows how it works...

not sure what you mean by you removed the bell...did you disassemble everything or just take the front plate off?

Re: Moby clutch bell sticking to variator

Thanks for the picture. Just the front plate. It feels like the pads on the front plate are gripping the inner clutch once I started tightening the front plate back on. It seems like something is warped, but I don't know how that could be because it was fine before I took it off.

Re: Moby clutch bell sticking to variator

It's not the pads! It's something to do with the middle hub part of the outer bell. I think the base of the hub is being pushed tight up against the the guts of the clutch for some reason. I looked at my parts manual and don't see any washers or spacers so I don't know why it is doing that.

For now I've got it as tight as I can go before they start rubbing. Used some thread lock and hoping things stay together :/.

Re: Moby clutch bell sticking to variator

Michael Koerber /

Take your bell out again. Look inside the hub. There should be a retaining ring. Check if it is in the proper place/groove. Probably became dislodged.

Re: Moby clutch bell sticking to variator

Yeah, or it's broken...there are 2 circlips and 3 spacers holding it all together...I'm not sure if you've pulled the whole assembly apart or not but it was a royal pita for me!

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