Puch Maxi points

My puch Maxi was running great then the other day I noticed my Points were sparking consistently I pulled the fly wheel checked timing and points gap still sparking

Pulled fly wheel again and cleaned points and checked and really checked timing and points gap it's all good but still sparking

Re: Puch Maxi points

they'll always spark some, if it's very bad that's usually an indicator of a bad condenser but can also be loose corroded wiring.

ideally the power builds up until the points open, then is forced out to the coil where it bridges the spark plug and sparks. if the resistance is too great, condenser is bad, points gap is too small, crap in the points etc, it can be possible to arc across the points instead of the plug.

this happens some regardless, but if the bike's popping and running poorly, yea prob ignition issue and probably condenser

Re: Puch Maxi points

If its the condenser points will start to pit and run worse and worse and maybe strand you. Here's a fix to consider:http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Install_an_external_condensor_on_a_Puch

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