wiring vision quest cdi on Sachs 505/1d

Mary Kate Peterson /

Hey y'all,

I'm working on my Sachs prima G3 and I just got the vision quest cdi for my engine, a Sachs 505/1d. I got it secondhand through a nice fellow I found here at mopedarmy (thanks dude!) so I am not sure if it originally came with any wiring diagrams. I'm a bit lost trying to wire it on my own, it has 4 wires instead of the 3 I had with the original points set up.

Seeing lots of topics regarding the timing of the CDI so I got that covered. Right now I'm just asking about wiring... and...

Also wondering about regulator/rectifiers... Do I need one to protect my lights and such? The cdi is increasing my voltage from 6 to 12.

Any word would be appreciated!

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