Urban Express Bad idle/running problem SOLVED!! READ!!

So after countless sleepless nights and many parts and carb cleanings I found my problem by accident! figured it out!! I was bored and tired of fighting the idle and running problem, so I thought I would upgrade the belt to a BX31. When I took the side cover off, it was full of oil and junk. I thought no big deal. I cleaned it all up and wanted to see how the new belt worked. The Express would not start at all. It finally started and I noticed fuel/oil mixture coming out the CRANK SHAFT SEAL!! Problem found! New seal on order. Thats been my whole problem all along. Thnaks for all the input.

Re: Urban Express Bad idle/running problem SOLVED!! READ!!

Glad you found the problem! Thanks for posting back the solution. don-ohio (:^)

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