Tune Up

It's getting towards the end of riding season around here and before winter comes I'd like to have my Pepi looking good with no worries! There are some rusty screws and parts and I was wondering what I should do.. I don't want to get all new parts so any suggestions? And would It be worth it in the long run to get all new bolts and screws?


Re: Tune Up

Dirty30 Dillon /

Replace them, or don't.

New hardware is great, especially around the motor.

Re: Tune Up

I'm anal so I replace EVERYTHING with stainless steel hex

Re: Tune Up

Sure, walk into your local hardware store and grab some stainless nuts bolts and screws. They aren't expensive.

Re: Tune Up

I just got done rebuilding mine so I replaced and painted every single nut and bolt on the thing.

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