Five star hub questions

So I get this basket case hub with a nice five star rim and I set about to knock out the bearings so I can order new as one side was burnt up and had only the inner race and spacer hiding behind a strip of tape.

The brake side bearing is intact and knocked out easy for a quick measurement.

OD 32mm

ID 12mm

When I knocked out the toasted side this whole cup looking assembly popped out with what looked like the outer bearing race scored in the center.

Is this common? Do I need to extract the race from the cup now?

The ID of the cup is 28mm

Seems odd that the bearing on this side is smaller.

Are other peoples wheels different and have the same bearings left and right?

What going on here?

Re: Five star hub questions

cheetahchrome . /


Re: Five star hub questions

Probably Fred /

Can't you use a shim ?

Re: Five star hub questions

Michael Koerber /

It is common, that they have different bearings. 6200 2RS on one side 6000 2RS on the other. This is for spoked rims.

Remove the outer race from the spacer. Clean up the spacer and reinsert in hub. Should be a pressfit. If it is too worn, that it just slides in, use retaining compound to lock it in place.

Install bearings and centering spacer.

Re: Five star hub questions

cheetahchrome . /

That's what I needed Mike Thanks.

No Ken, this side with the cup has no inside bearing stop or I would just step up to a 32mm OD bearing same as the other side. With out a bearing stop the hub in theory could walk off the bearing in one direction, spelling disaster.

Thanks for the input.

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