no spark issues.

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hey guys this is my first time posting on the forums i have a 77 hardtail moby which is giving me a headache.

so my moped went pop pop and died on me mid ride. i found it has no spark. i had an extra spark plug cap laying around so i swapped it and nothing. on a whim i decided to remove the magneto cover. may i say fuck novi nuts. it was a bitch getting off. ended up using a 3/8s breaker bar, a hose clamp, and a 2.5 foot long adjustable clamp to keep the bike securely on the floor. the condenser visually looks good. and i took off the HT coil and noticed it has a crack in the plastic casing.

also my new tires came in the mail during this time frame and i replaced the tires and the rear was 2.25 instead of the stock 2 inch wides. not a big difference but it rubbed on the rear fender slightly i tried expanding it with a rubber mallet and wood block but still not wide enough. i removed the fender to grind off ~3 inches where the fender meets the seat stays(fits perfectly now) and i accidentally damaged the bulb as i was disassembling the fender. i read some mopeds will not get spark without a working bulb. as of right now i have the red and purple wires exposed and no housing or bulb connecting will this cause me to lose spark or can i still attempt to fix while i look for a new bulb.

one last thing. i have no speedometer cable(hurret) since the cable is seems to be impossible to find i plan to remove the system. i know there is a few cables connected to the housing for lights and such how can i remove this without potentially causing a short or having live wires. i have no intention of adding another speedo i will use my bicycle cyclocomputer i have laying around.

thanks in advance

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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