Lights won't work ... Please help

So I finally got my bike running good but now I have an electrical problem. I was curious and touched the magneto thinking nothkng about and now I have no lights or horn. Did I do something when I touched the flywheel thing? What can I do to trouble shoot the electrical for the horn and lights. Thanks

Re: Lights won't work ... Please help

start by checking to see if the bulbs are still good and that all the connections ( especially the grounds) are clean and solidly connected. if all is well there then you can break out your electrical tester and see if the magneto is putting out voltage.

Re: Lights won't work ... Please help

How do I check the grounds?

Re: Lights won't work ... Please help

Figured it out! I guess the wheel wasent in the right spot I messed with it now I have my spark and lights and horn back!!! Yay

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