Tomos targa Lx Throttle body

Can I spray magnetic lubricant on the the choke switch and surrounding metal area? will this have negative or positive affect? Do I even know what a throttle body is?

Re: Tomos targa Lx Throttle body

No, you don't because that is a carburetor not a throttle body (not fuel injected). And what the hell is magnetic lubricant? Graphite? Is not magnetic but that shit will still end up in your engine if it is on the slide and that is bad.

The throttle slide needs zero lubricant, premix is oily enough.

Re: Tomos targa Lx Throttle body

Ok thanks, and to segway;

How does one clean the engine? I'm guessing by dissecting it first, but what is the process and state the parts should be left in?

Re: Tomos targa Lx Throttle body

Austin Berkebile /

Carb cleaner will go a long way for both your issue of cleaning your carb linkages and just getting the dirt an grime off your entire engine.

That will require little removal of anything. Even your plastic parts should do OK if you don't over use the spray on them.

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