Peugeot 103 SP Crap Out // Possible Flooding?

Bike was running great on a long ride. Filled up with gas and can not for the life of me get it restarted.

Fuel flow is fine and fulll. Put in a new spark plug and down jetted. Took off the air filter, which was heavy with gas and oil. Is it possible the carb could have flooded? Bike didn't tip over and I've never had a flooding problem.

Thanks for advice!

Dellorto SHA1412L carb, 64 jet. (edited)

Re: Peugeot 103 SP Crap Out // Possible Flooding?

are you getting spark?

is the plug super wet after trying to start it?

does it start when its cold?

Is the engine turning over when trying to start / is your belt too loose?

run it with a drill if you gotta/want to.

check your float & needle (and whole carb) for functionality & cleanliness. just because there is gas flowing in the line doesn't mean the engine is getting it.

if it was flooded from an acute cause, go back to testing with the air filter in and probably the jet it was running fine with.

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