1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

Hi everybody,

This is my first post here.

I recently acquired a '96 Kinetic, which is in nearly perfect condition. The engine and crank case look factory new, and the body/frame seem to be in decent shape. There may be some issues with the rear gear set, as it knocks and wobbles, etc, but those can be addressed later.

I found the spring mounts in the centrifugal clutch had broken for most of the weights, so I ordered some new ones from treatland.tv (awesome suppliers, BTW!). I installed the new weights, attached the springs, they seem to operate fine, however the clutch bell still engages even at low RPM, and when I drop the bike off the kickstand, the engine stalls.

I've attached a photo. I know what the thing on the right does, but I don't know what the clutch shoes behind it do. As far as I can imagine, the clutch bell should not be spinning at all under low RPM. Should I release the clips and rebuild/lubricate the workings of the stuff on the left in the photo? I've completely rebuilt the ignition system, engine, and carburetor. The clutch seems to be the last piece of the puzzle.

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Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

To update,

I've got the clutch working, more or less. It is not terribly responsive, though this is by all means a very low power bike, so that's to be expected. I might engage in some clutch tuning down the road, or even change it out for a variated clutch.

So, I took apart the whole thing, cleaned the metal parts with carb cleaner, then put it all back together. The clutch bell still insisted on spinning, so I loosened the clutch nut on the crankshaft just a bit, and that did the trick.


Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

A loose clutch nut is not the best idea. The wheel should spin slowly while up on the stand. If it's dragging too much try lightening the shoes.



Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

Thank you Maciek,

I tighten the nut to the point where I can't physically restrain the clutch shoes with my fingers. This seems to about do the trick, I try and get it to where the clutch bell spins freely, just before the point of tightness where it also turns the crankshaft. The problem was that I was making it so tight, the entire clutch was mated to the crankshaft, whether it wanted to be or not. There should probably have been a spacer of some sort between the two mechanisms, but it wasn't implemented in the design. Either way, with a little knowledge as to its quirks, this bike has performed admirably the last few days, even in hilly Cincinnati, though this engine is tiny and any degree of ascent makes the engine work very hard. Anyone think I should invest in a variated clutch?

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

Dirty30 Dillon /

It sounds like you're missing the wash that goes between the single speed (ss) clutch bell and the flywheel. I forgot that crucial little piece and had similar issues with my clutch.

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

Also the way to tighten those fuckers down is by sticking a screwdriver into the fins on the flywheel. It sounds redneck as hell but it's what they say in the manual

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

Error I don't know if it's hidden on the kinetic version but it also appears your starter clutch has no springs

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

I sprayed carb cleaner into the clutch assembly now my flywheel won't spin. Everything was working fine before I decided to finally clean my ride and sprayed everything down with carb cleaner and wd40. Everything else appears to be mechanically sound, just the clutch won't start when I push the pedal or move the bike

Do I have to take the clutch apart to troubleshoot further?

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

try brake cleaner not wd-40.

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

> pat splat Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> try brake cleaner not wd-40.

And , definitely not carb cleaner .

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

Guidance appreciated... so what's the worst case scenario since I used wd40 and carb cleaner -- can I just let it dry or do I need to get the brake cleaner?(edited)

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

wd has oil in it

Re: 1996 Kinetic TFR(?) rebuild - Clutch Issues

Finally got it working; here's what I did:

I took the outer set of clutch shoes, soaked it in soapy water, let it sun dry. Then I doused the inner clutch shoes (assuming starter clutch) with brake kleen and cleaned any residue from the where the friction pads would make contact.

The clutch shoes in the back is what engages the flywheel and it appears to run at low rpm. The clutch shoes in the front seem to engage at higher throttle speeds.

Hope this helps!

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