Yamaha TZR Muffler on aftermarket exhaust.

As the title mentioned, I have a question about replacing the exhaust on my Yamaha TZR 50.

Mounting the exhaust is where my problem is. It is a Gianelli conti, but the same goes for just about every aftermarket exhaust I've seen. Attached a pic of the current exhaust and the new one.

I believe that the part in question is a muffler / gasket, why is there no connection for the muffler / gasket? It may sound weird, but how do I get this thing mounted if there is no connection?


Re: Yamaha TZR Muffler on aftermarket exhaust.

Looks like an AIS (Air induction system) pipe. As I understand it, it pumps air into the exhaust to aid the exhaust catalyst. Simply put its an emission control device. The new sport exhaust obviously doesn't have a catalyst. I'm sure a google search might turn up how to remove the AIS.

Re: Yamaha TZR Muffler on aftermarket exhaust.

you should be able to just totally nix that. my thought was EGR, but maybe that's the same thing as AIS, i dunno about AIS


it's emissions and sometimes to restrict the pipe, hence not present on the performance one. Depending on where the other end hooks up either plug it off or remove it entirely.

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