78 Moto guzzi robin clutch parts

mike pitcairn /

I have read that Puch E50 clutch claws are the same as the original MG (MG part # 48082070)

What about the starting plate with the bonded clutch pads? (MG 48081770)

Anyone know where I can find one or what crosses over to it? Mine seems to be worn, is missing a pad and only engages about 50% of the time when trying to start....

Also in need of the clutch inner lever (MG48087670)

Harpers does not have any of the parts but Curtis said he is going to look around and see if he has any used.....

any tips appreciated

Re: 78 Moto guzzi robin clutch parts

mike pitcairn /

Newb dumbass update.....

The reason I needed the start clutch parts was self inflicted.

I was bombing down the road one night when it died on me. it would not turn over so i was messing with start clutch adjustment while waitnig for a ride to pick me up. we couldnt fit the bike in the trunk of the small car so we towed it 3 miles home. got it home and pulled the spark plug and gas poured out. so the reason it would not turn over is it was hydrolocked. ended up havin the clutch adjusted too tight and pretty much melted down the inner lever, pin/washer and push plate from dragging it home....

yesterday I welded the parts up, machined them, installed..... starts first kick!

live and learn

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