drain tomos oil?

i got a "new to me" tomos with ancient 2 stroke oil under the seat - i'm trying to figure out how to drain it and start fresh. i don't want to remove the injection system as it seems to work fine. any idea how to get this junk out of there?

Re: drain tomos oil?

2 screws to remove the tank, unclip the hose, dump.

most suggest removing the entire system as it ultimately can prove fatal to the motor, premixing into the tank instead.

get creative reclamping the hose if you choose to keep it.

draining the hoses, then burping the system can be problematic.

unless it's contaminated, how does oil go bad, or do you just want to run better quality?

Re: drain tomos oil?

You'll probably be replacing the lines anyway, so you could just pull the line off at the pump and let it drain. Drain the fuel tank and put a little premix in there. Replace the oil lines, fill the tank and then remove the bleed screw from the oil pump, gravity will allow the oil to run down and push out the air. Put the screw back on and start the engine. The premix will allow the engine to get oil while the oil works its way to the manifold and you will also be able to see the oil moving through the line so you will know if the oil pump is working.

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