Peugeot 103 sp problems? Sputtering/ clunking?

Hey! I'm new here, kinda.... Anyway. I just bought a 1980 Peugeot 103 sp from a guy in my area. He said it was running and driving. He started it up at his house and rode it to show me all was well. When I got home I took it to show me friend who has a few different mopeds. On the way there it would sputter I guess you could say. Almost like a hiccup. Like id be going then it would loose power (still running) for a brief second then start. So like a jerking. Ten I noticed it ran out of power. It would run, but it wouldn't move on it's own. So my dad picked me up. A couple hours later I true again, it worked well for a few minutes. When ever it gets hot it will do the "sputtering" and eventually loose power. The previous owner said he never rode it more than a mile at a time so he didn't have that problem. He said it could be the coils are getting to hot.. What do y'all think?

Also it didn't have a air filter on. We cleaned the carb and the problem still proceeds. And everything else looks to be in good shape on the bike.

Re: Peugeot 103 sp problems? Sputtering/ clunking?

Hi Hunter!

Sounds like your condenser might be bad/going. if your spark plug wire is coming out of a black HT coil that is bolted to the subframe, then its super easy. go to the auto store and get a new 12v condenser, ground it to the frame, connect the lead to the wire going into the HT coil.

Condenser by Beck/Arnley (part#172-1729)

one like this ^ is super handy because you can just plug it into the HT coil, and plug the lead that was there into the female end.

if not, you have a 2-coil ignition and theres some other way to doll the ignition up...somehwere on the wiki or the forums... or just replace the internal condenser with a new one like this:

Also, make sure you are getting good gas flow from the tank to the carb.

Re: Peugeot 103 sp problems? Sputtering/ clunking?

follow the plug wire, if it goes to a frame mounted ignition coil, you have the superior radial stator.

if it goes into the side of the flywheel, it's the potentially problematic 2 coil (jumpsuit) mentioned above.

besides the condensor, here's the wiki on stock 2 coil pug ignition trouble.

essentially, the internal coil is "getting too hot" as P/O said.

while the condensor is cheaper, you'll still need to remove / disconnect the old one to prevent it interfering with ignition.

what's worse, you'll need a specialty puller, and timing tools to remove and properly replace the flywheel.

please read up on setting the timing before you attempt to remove the flywheel.

Re: Peugeot 103 sp problems? Sputtering/ clunking?

Wiki is a good way to go, read Fred's guide in here for a start:

Re: Peugeot 103 sp problems? Sputtering/ clunking?

I have this same problem with mine, it runs fine cold but once it heats up its sputters/ looses power. I was also told it might be my condenser.

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