E50 trannie leak

I'm using the treats gasket on the cover and it leaks. I haven't pulled it since the last time I replaced it for leaking which I thought was due to it being poorly applied. But it still leaks and leaks bad after being run. Puddle at the center stand leg on that side. Options I have considered

1. Buy another cover to see if there is some warp age that is missed

2. Some kind of thicker gasket ...but I worry that will change the starter clutch pressure

3. Some kind of sealant on each side of the paper.

4. It's definately out of control t the point that I probably was running it so low that I damaged the bearings.

5. I don't think it's leaking from the drain plug bit hey I have been wrong before...many times.

Re: E50 trannie leak

Probably Fred /

Sent you a email what I do

Re: E50 trannie leak

make sure it's not your drain plug. that's what usually leaks. if that doesn't work, try a thin layer of copper gasket on both sides of the clutch cover gasket.

Re: E50 trannie leak

If it's not the drain plug...pull the cover...wet sand it on a piece of glass(1/2 inch if you have it) till it's smooth...400 grit is fine or 600 ,what every you want...cut your own gasket out of any thing better then what treats gasket is made of. I buy the .3 .5 and.75 mm gasket paper from treats,they say it's the best in the description :)

Sanding won't effect starter clutch pressure enough to make any difference...sand enough and it might increase pressure applied :)

I did both my cover and case when I rebuilt it but doing the cover might solve the problem

Oh yeah...oil the gasket :) (edited)

Re: E50 trannie leak

Marc Friedman /

Thanks both ken and dan.

Re: E50 trannie leak

Marc Friedman /

So I called my local glass co and she says 1/2 " is quite pricey as in >$100 for even a small piece where as 1/4 " is cheap. If I'm going to try this I don't want to go to the trouble and because I cheaped it out I got poor results. So is 1/2 " the big boy way to do it??

Re: E50 trannie leak

God no!...Go to a thrift store and look for a glass table top...like an end table...round perhaps...don't spend a 100 bucks.

If you have no luck...buy the 1/4 glass and a 1/4 sheet of 3/4 Masonite...cut Masonite to the size off your glass and tape it to it on the edges with duct tape...that way the edges don't get wet.

Do you you have a stone counter top? That works as well...just tape the sand paper to that.

I don't mean this to be that much of a hassle...it's like sanding down a cylinder head....figure eight motion...and color the mating edge with a black sharpie...it will show any low spots...sand till the sharpie is completely gone.

Don't press hard...let the grit do the work

Re: E50 trannie leak

not sure if you missed my comment, but you can just use copper sealer made by permatex. it's a good idea to have the tube around anyway.

Re: E50 trannie leak

Marc Friedman /

I agree dean. I actually did a

Real idiot move with the plug and because it's upside down reversed lefty loosey and ended up retapping to a larger plug. So yea it is conceivable but I went over that repair with my diesel mechanic and it seems solid but I will recheck.

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