Batavus VA lol's how to kill a bike.

My 74 VA, which I ran in Stock class at Tomahawk Cup has been sitting since May.

I had pulled the header pipe off over a month ago to get measurements from it, never re-installing it until yesterday.

Not using a proper new exhaust gasket, I noticed a ton of leaking from there and also where the chamber and header slide together, Awesome design btw??

Fix- I used a gasket material and beer can to make a temp gasket which was marginally better than nothing, and I used some HD fabric type tape at the chamber connection point. All sealed up...??

Now easier to start and idle but when gassed it's smoking like crazy and soft seizing, I check carb and notice one bolt hole is stripped, yay?

I ALSO quickly learned that my problems were worse or headed that way as I was doing all this without a jet holder+jet I failed to replace in the encarwi.

FUCK YEAH###(should consult doctor about lowering dosage)

Re: Batavus VA lol's how to kill a bike.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

that exhaust header leak will effectively derestrict the pipe and actually give you a 10 mph boost on topend.

the jet and holder missing is a prob. i have all the parts for the encarwi,

9 out of 10 a new screw that is a little longer will hold the intake on, they rarely strip all the way through.

they take round bing jets btw start at a 54, if you get a de restricted pipe take it to a 56 or 58, run a hi flow filter ditch the carb airbox.

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