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Could really use some help. I have a 76 L-50 moby. What makes clutch engage with engine. Mine does not engage with crankshaft. I have it apart. Dimoby Arms, springs, pads and inside bell look good. its been cleaned and de-greased. Those parts are only for the drivetrain which works good. When it starts. Starts on first pedal push. Switch is in M position on large pulley and teeth engage correctly on back. Crank rotates by hand. but will not spin anymore when peddled or jumped on peddle. Always used to start on 1st peddle push. Belt is still tight on pulley. Am dumbfounded as to what to look for. Post said clutch is on a tapered shaft. Tried banging on with hammer and wood block. Still peddling will not engage crankshaft to start engine. Please Help. Thanks

Re: clutch help

The manual can be found on the web. You'll want to look for the section on the "starter clutch".

Re: clutch help

the starter "arms" get dirty and sieze onto the pins they should swivel on. gotta take it apart and make sure it all moves free. might be that...

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