Tomos hi comp head leaking

So my new hi comp head on a stock a3 is leaking on the exhaust side. I was using a 0.5mm metal gasket. Torqued to spec then a little more after I heard it leak. Tightened in a cross pattern. Puts out 150psi.

Any ideas? Tried it without a gasket and it still leaked.

Re: Tomos hi comp head leaking

some 600 - 800 grit sandpaper, some wd40 and a flat surface should take care of it

Re: Tomos hi comp head leaking

Thanks Bill but I thought before modifying my parts I'd try using Permatex Motoseal 1 liquid gasket as it's rated for high pressure, gas-contact applications. Raised my PSI to 150! I'll see if it holds up.

Re: Tomos hi comp head leaking

Not on a head gasket, anywhere else.

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