Rectifier on a vintage Euro bike

Can you reasonably convert an antique Italian bike from AC to DC?

A 1965 Gilera 106cc. Two coils giving AC current; 1. headlight coil, and 2. ignition+taillight coil. I'd like to convert to DC to run LEDs, and so the LEDs will last longer.

Do I add a rectifier/regulator to the head light coil, and power the taillight from that coil as well? Then ground the tail light lead from the no 2. coil, so the ignition system still "thinks" there's a working tail light?

In essence there are two separate electrical systems, and I want to put all the lighting on one coil, and have the ignition coil just do ignition.

Re: Rectifier on a vintage Euro bike

At the bottom of this page on the right is a box marked search. Go there type "LED" in box.

Re: Rectifier on a vintage Euro bike

The question isn't the efficacy/parameters of LED lights, but whether an old twin coil system can be modified. To throw all the lights on one coil, and rectify that system to DC. And then for the second coil (ignition coil), ground the taillight portion of the ignition circuit so that it "thinks" the taillight is still there.

This is for antique bikes that would stop the ignition spark if the brake light/tail light was burnt out or disconnected.

So you have a DC lighting circuit grounded back to the rectifier/regulator, and an AC ignition circuit grounded to the frame. (edited)

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