flooding carb Urban express?

Captain Janeway /

I have a stock carb on an NU50 Honda Urban express. The bike has a kit. I recently bumped the jet size to a 96 from an 92 to make sure I'm not running lean.

Last two days after riding the bike hard, then leaving it to totally cool, when I restarted and started to ride, the bike acted like it was out of fuel. It was kind of sputtering and dying. Yesterday I thought it might be low fuel, but it just did it tonight and it has a full tank. I pulled it to the side of the road and just let it idle a little then revved it a little before pulling off from curb and it was fine the rest of the way home.

Could I have put in too big a jet and it's flooding? It seems like that would keep affecting it while I was riding.

Ideas? And yes, I'm going to buy a temp gauge this week.

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