Dimoby Help??

1976 moby ran fine till I drained tank. gas ran on belt. Now moby will not engage to start engine. Should I get a tighter belt? I suspect belt or dinoby clutch is not engaging. I have clutch apart, decreased and cleaned. Don't quite know how this engages the flywheel to start engine. Pulley and outer clutch turns when peddled. Inner connected to engine shaft does not. I can turn it by hand. Not sure what I should be looking for. VERY FRUSTRATING! HELP!!!

Re: Dimoby Help??

wild stab, only worked on a few, but:

there is a switch on the pulley that disengages the pedal pulley from the gear for pedal only mode.

they are known to be problematic, yours could of slipped into pedal mode.

this thread has pix that may describe the mech. better

Re: Dimoby Help??

jim ozias /

switch works as illustrated. but still will not engage crankshaft to start engine. Dimoby looks like a centrifugal clutch I used to have on a go-cart when I was a kid. It had a woodruf key to turn the crankshaft. This model does not have that and I am bewildered as to how it works. Always worked in the past.

Re: Dimoby Help??

No key need for clutch taper holds it, key on flywheel is only for timing location , taper holds it too.

Re: Dimoby Help??

removal thread, note 2 essential tools


woodruff key thread: http://mabecanemobylette.freeforums.org/post10365.html#p10365

primary = starter, secondary = main clutch.

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