Puch ZA50 piston

Brent Bublitz /

Just got this bike, the engine made a strange pinging noise when I turned it over, so I pulled the head and cylinder to have a look. The cylinder still has it's cross hatch and the piston is almost perfect. This thing does not even look broken in, really. I still don't know where the pinging noise is coming from and it's not the piston tapping the head, I checked.

It might be a little hard to see, but the piston seems to have a notch taken out of it right above the ring pin. There are absolutely no scores in the cylinder and I read 120PSI with a tester. No idea what happened here.

Anyone have an opinion on how bad this is?



Re: Puch ZA50 piston

Overpriced Parts /

That's a kit not stock and the crank brass bushing small end at pin is worn maybe.

Wiggle piston forward and back and hear/feel the clunk/movement

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