Propel Delray 50cc problems.

So here is the gist of whats happening. Bought a scoot that was sitting around off craigslist for 2 yrs. Has around 2,000km on it and runs very poorly. It will start first kick but idles super choppy and cuts out as soon as any gas is given. I siphoned out gas and put new gas in but it is more then likely a issue with the carb? So please help me out do i need seafoam or need to clean the carb by hand? Anyone who is located in Stevens Point Wisconsin and wants to desperatly help someone out please let me know. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Re: Propel Delray 50cc problems.

Kiel the Canuck /

Hello there Connor. I am sorry to inform you that you are not in the right forum for your question. This website deals with vintage mopeds, while what you have...


Or, as our wiki puts it:

"This is a moped forum

If you are looking for help with a Chinese scooter, a motorized bicycle or a motorcycle, you need to find a forum dedicated to those things. There are some rare exceptions, but if it does not have pedals, I would not try to talk about it here. "

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