505/1D frozen but not seized

1982 Sachs 505/1D

Drove around yesterday with no problems but today when I tried to start it up it froze. Peddled along and as soon as i pulled the starting clutch lever the wheel locked up. Immediately thought I had seized the engine so I pulled the flywheel cover off and sure enough it wouldn't turn, low an behold I tapped it with a hammer and it freed up. So I put the cover on and it fired up first try.

What would cause this to happen?

This may or may not be related: the wheel spins at idol on the stand. Folks say the wheel should turn a little but what is a little?

I would appreciate any insight.

Re: 505/1D frozen but not seized

when on the stand you have to turn your idle screw on carb. the more you turn in the higher the idle speed causing wheel to turn. turn the screw out and it will slow down idle speed and wheel spinning.

Re: 505/1D frozen but not seized

the freezing up, could just be somethin like sticking under the magneto, maybe bad main bearings, maybe was quite dry internally, lots of things. if it happens again just be sure to really look at it and you'll have an easier time placing the problem

as for idle, i let the back wheel spin no more than i can stop by grabbing it with my hand. this is what I say. more often in reality, i just set it to where it works. do as i say or as i do, either way you're solid.

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