Rebuild Disc Brakes

Is it worth it to try and revive disc brakes that have been sitting for 15+ years? They dried up completely and some parts have some rust. I haven't taken the caliper off to check for damage but I assume the seals are shit. The master cylinder seal was fucked up and the cylinder is currently stuck. I found a cylinder rebuild kit for $30 but the seal kit for the caliper is $40+. I see whole new disc brake setups with everything for $50. Is it a bitch to find one that will work with the existing rotor? Any tips to getting the right setup? It's on a yamaha rx50 btw but I figured a disc brake question could go here in moped repair even tho its not a moped.

Re: Rebuild Disc Brakes

If you can find one that fits, I'd probably just buy that. Caliper/master cylinder combos can be had for cheap.

If you can't find one you know fits, I'd entertain rebuilding it. I'd try REAL HARD though...

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