need help in az

I have a mb5 that has cr80r motor swap. Crank blew up and I need help rebuilding it. Found a crank on eBay just need to get that and new piston and all the small stuff. I feel like I'm in a little over my head.

If anyone in az is willing to help me rebuild I can pay some moneys or whatever but I think with some hands on help I can pull this off

Anyone interested let me know I would love to get this thing back on the road and I can't give in to giving to motor to a shop to fix I want to know how but I don't want to dig in with out some help really.

Re: need help in az

First find out why did it break before you fix it. Do you have the repair manual, if not get one if you have one read it. If you can read and know the difference between 14mm wrench and a muffler bearing , you can do it. If not ask. Look in wiki for answers to the questions here. Have you been here? .

Re: need help in az

Zach Riddle /

Oh yeah. I mean to be honest I think I can do it I have been sitting on this bike for a while now and I have read so much on it.

Not sure why the crank went. Piston was seized but jugs look fine. The guy I got the bike from was a bit of a druggie and who knows what he did to the bike between Jake p and myself.

I have only done work on mopeds I guess I'm just nervous to break into a dirt bike motor. I have manual I have read it a bunch just not enough confidence in myself i guess ha

More or less I'm just looking for a helping hand so I don't mess things up. Jake did a really nice job putting this bike together I don't want it to go to waste

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