Tomos Stuck in Drive

Dirty30 Dillon /

Tomos are definitely out of my realm of knowledge, but I'd like to get this POS A3 running, finally.

Issue: Any turning of the rear wheel engages the motor to turn over. Backwards, or forward.

First thoughts;

delaminated clutch pad(s)

I've heard of a one way gear, but as a ZA50 guy, don't have any idea if that's a possibility or not.

Or the sprag clip, which I've heard causes issues, but again have no knowledge of.

Re: Tomos Stuck in Drive

I'd have to agree that the most likely cause would be a damaged one way bearing on the clutch bell, or a stuck clutch. The a3 engine is simpler than the za50, Just pay attention to the location of the shims on the end of the shafts. You should be able to spin the clutch bell one way freely, and the other way it will turn the crankshaft. Inspect the clutch pads on both clutches, and you can check out the sprag clip on the back of the gear cluster while you're at it.

Re: Tomos Stuck in Drive

Dirty30 Dillon /

Alrighty, thanks. I'm gonna tear into it tonight.

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