Replacing the engine on my NA50

Hey all! I just pulled my 1979 NA50 out of storage, where its been for the last year and a half. I stopped working on it in August of 2012...just prior to my divorce. The engine was soft-seized...but I went through and rebuilt it with some TLC. The last time I attempted to start it, it wouldn't...even though I replaced the ignition, etc. IF....IF I decide to replace the engine, which engines are 1:1 drop-ins? Will the engine from the NC50 work? Or the newer 2-speed one from the NU-50 (I think that's the model)?



Re: Replacing the engine on my NA50

The NA50 IS a 2 speed model. The NC50 us single (2 speed in later years) and the NU50 is a whole different animal with a belt driven CVT.

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