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Been doing a ton of research on moped repair and through that have discovered the moped I purchased has no air box or air filter. I have a 1998 Tomos Targa LX. I've read on the forums I need to get one on there ASAP before riding it again. I've been searching the internet for the last few hours on what type of air filter/air box, which one I should get, etc, however am at a loss on what the next step should be.

I have a carbueartor with a 2.25" diameter. There is very little room on the side of the carb that butts up against the moped itself so the air filter/box would have to take that into account. There's also a wielding/spot for the air box I believe; it's just above and to the left of the intake side of the carb.

I searched K&N filters and treatland up and down and am unable to find the right sized item. I actually don't understand how to find the right size. So my diameter in milimeters is exactly 57.15; I have not found a filter that is that size.

Also, through my searching i've found that the tomos moped when it has its stock air box, there is some kind of ring that connects the box and I need this ring in order to connect the air filter?

Sorry, I'm lost, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What ken said.


1997 mopeds

and I think myronsmopeds sells parts

Look at Kens link.

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This is great, thanks for finding this. Do I also need an air filter in addition to the box?

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Yes, some of the ones from Treatland come with filter some don't, read description.

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