Fa50: I think the chain keeps coming off

So i got two Fa50's and I was moving the engine of one to the other and I got them all switched and after it was all done I started it, and it went for like 10 seconds and then stopped and I'm pretty sure the chain slipped off because after that there was no tension on the kick starter. So i took the crank case off and sure enough the chain was off, so I got the chain put back on and put everything back together and restarted it, and again I the chain fell off I have no idea why it keeps coming off what could be causing this and what could I do it fix this?

Re: Fa50: I think the chain keeps coming off

First, your nomenclature is inaccurate. You did not take the crank case off. You removed the transmission cover.

As for your problem, it could be that the sprockets are not lining up allowing the chain to fall off when it rotates. See if all the spacers are in place to stop the sprockets from moving on the countershaft and the final drive shaft. Check the case and cover for sloppy bearings or wallowed out mounts. Are the two plastic chain tensioners in place or worn? Are the teeth on the sprockets or the chain itself worn? Any of these things could be the problem.

A good reference to study would be the parts diagrams on bikebandit.com. They will show you how everything goes together and what, if anything, is possibly missing. If need be, open up your other transmission and physically compare the two.

Re: Fa50: I think the chain keeps coming off

Dirty30 Dillon /

Sounds like the tensioner went bad, or you're just assembling it wrong.

Either way, get a good parts diagram

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