stupid points question

Randy Reddell /

i have a 1976 batavus hs-50 with the laura m48 on it.

so i just replaced my points, and im learning everything as i go. how do i get the points to open and close when i turn the flywheel? it seems that they are just staying shut. any advice would be great, found a ton of info on cleaning points, and setting the timing, nothing about installing them though.

thanks for helping me learn the ropes!

Re: stupid points question

Patrick Keaton /

You have to loosen the screw of the points and have the part that touches the flywheel cam,touch the correct part of the cam,which you might not see,if you have not removed the flywheel.You might have to try a few time to find the spot.Less than 5 times,you should have it figured out.You got to do this with a feeler gauge between the points.They sell small feeler gauges from SK that you can take out just the size feeler gauge you need.You have may have been finding the wrong spot when doing it so far. Turn the flywheel window,and try a different window.All windows are not the same.

It is easy to do,hard to explain.

Re: stupid points question

Randy Reddell /

ah! thanks, that makes total sense, thought i wasnt getting the fly wheel on all the way or something, didnt think to loosen the points screw. thanks for the info!

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