rebuilding tomos a35. what are interchangeable parts?

going to be rebuilding a 2002 tomos a35 motor (7k miles). I was planning on just putting new seals and gaskets on it, But now i am wanting to "beef up" this engine. What are some parts that are interchangeable on this engine , i know some puch parts fit. if someone could make a master list of things inter changeable (not seals/gaskets/bolts) then that would be awesome.

Re: rebuilding tomos a35. what are interchangeable parts?

Sal RVA mopeds LLC /

The wiki has a thread of interchangeable parts seek and you will find. On a quick note. Only 35/55 cranks work, puch kits work but you'll be working to figure out the exhaust angle just buy a tomos kit. Upgrading to cdi... Buy a puch za50 treats cdi complete. Run a voltage regulator cuz you'll be blowin lights like a whore blows truck drivers lol! Some puch reed blocks will work (check bolt pattern), endless amount of tomos pipes so that shouldn't be a problem just don't buy an a55 pipe the angle is different!

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