1980 sachs wont start

Hi new to the moped world and loving it. Bought a 1980 sachs hercules sundowner about 2 months ago cleaned the carb and it started right up. been going like a champ until now when i decided to hook up tail lights.lights work, still have compression it just wont start up? cleaned the clutch and put new oil in, still wont start... no spark? idk i think the distributer is fine cause lights work but cant get her going... any suggestions? thanks guys

Re: 1980 sachs wont start

maybe a bad ground check the new lights you put in .

or clutch tension super picky on a sachs . but more likely the ground

Re: 1980 sachs wont start

Did this happen after you hooked up brake light? On some models ignition and brake light are connected.

Re: 1980 sachs wont start

We'll, I had the bike running on blocks while I was touching wires to see which order would allow the lights to work. Once I had the combo I killed the bike, it was smoking a little I was afraid she got too hot but didn't think too much about it. When I pedal and engage the the clutch the lights come on, but like I said I still can get her to start. She was a hard start before but once going always ran like a champ and would start right back up when warm.

Re: 1980 sachs wont start

Here's some thing to look at start w/ Fred's Guide.http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Category:For_Newbies

Re: 1980 sachs wont start

i think you mean a sun DANCER

yea the ignition ground is wired through the brakelight so when tha light is out it won't spark. pretty dumb, most people bypass it by just grounding the blue/black wire out of the stator. My guess is this had been done and you un-bypassed it. Blue outa motor goes to coil, the blue/black-stripe (or sometimes green/black-stripe) needs to go direct to frame ground. see if that works.

check spark either way, that'll either confirm or deny this whole suspicion pretty immediately

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