rookie question- tomos stator help

Working on my tomos a55 crank start ignition: I found that my flywheel had come apart and tore up my stator. I purchased a new stator and flywheel that was labeled for tomos a55, but the new stator has 4 wires and the old has 5.

You can see in the attached pictures that the new stator has a white, black, yellow, and another black. The old stator has a white, black, red/white, yellow, and red. Ive been told that this new stator wont work with 4 wires. Is this true? Is there a way to convert the new stator or my old wiring so they will be compatible?

Thanks for any help


Re: rookie question- tomos stator help

Or can anyone take a look at my old stator picture and identify it? from the wiring diagrams I think its a 08-11 streetmate. The old flywheel had a gear for electric start, but it was not in use. help please!!

Re: rookie question- tomos stator help

When you took the wires apart were they all connected?

Re: rookie question- tomos stator help

I think your old stator is for a battery bike, and your new stator is for a bike without a battery (like sprint/st/lx)

Re: rookie question- tomos stator help

Looking at the diagrams, it seems as if your old one was a 08-11 streetmate as u said in another comment

And the new one is from a STLX

It looks like they use different regulators. I'm not an EE or the best at wiring, but the biggest difference seems to be that the 5 wire one has an extra wire coming out before the last coil (aka the yellow wire in the revival/streetmate diagram)

Re: rookie question- tomos stator help

Thanks for the responses guys. After some research, it looks like there were stators that were wired for batteries on lx even if a battery wasnt installed

attached is the ignition page from the lx manual, you can see in the additional comments (top right) it mentions the 08-09 stators were without flywheel gear and the red/white battery charging wire.

treats doesnt have the 2010 stator in stock, and i am still holding on to the four wire stator, so my new question is: what would I need for the 4 wire stator to work? will my 2010 cdi work with a 09 stator? do i need a different regulator?

again thanks for any help

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