1980 Sachs Suburban 505/1D + Giannelli Circuit Pipe. Carb/Intake questions

Hi all. I have a 1980 Sachs Suburban. I already have the Gianelli Circuit pipe. I have heard that it works quite well with a carb upgrade. I was thinking of going with the 15mm Bing that many Puch mopeds are compatible with and the Athena 15mm intake. My motor is the 505/1D and my bike is stock except for the Giannelli Circuit pipe and a long seat/passenger pegs.

Will these parts all fit on my 505/1D as is, or will I need additional parts?

Sachs Athena 15mm Flat Bing Intake - https://www.treatland.tv/sachs-athena-15mm-bing-intake-flat-p/sachs-athena-15mm-intake-flat.htm

15mm Puch Bing - https://www.treatland.tv/bing-15mm-carburetor-puch-moped-p/bing-15mm-carburetor.htm


Is that all I need to add a 15mm round Bing? I read in some places yes, and other places that I will need this spacer:


Also, is the Treats Bing jet range for the square Sachs Bing or the round Puch Bing? I am referring to these: https://www.treatland.tv/bing-jets-60s-range-p/bing-jets-range-60s.htm

If anyone has bought them before (any range), please let me know. I'm guessing the jets are for Puch round Bing because of the price, but I can't find out for sure and the pic isn't the exact jets, just a generic pic, so no help there.

Do I need the spacer or anything else to attach the Athena intake to the 505/1D, the 15mm Bing to the intake, and the MLM air filter to the carb?

Also, any recommendations are welcome. All I have bought so far is the Giannelli pipe. Everything else I can switch up.

Re: 1980 Sachs Suburban 505/1D + Giannelli Circuit Pipe. Carb/Intake questions

Don't you already have a 14 square Bing on that 1D motor? I'd stick with that.

I had to make an intake spacer to mount a 14 round Bing on a 1A motor.

Re: 1980 Sachs Suburban 505/1D + Giannelli Circuit Pipe. Carb/Intake questions

It is a needless 12mm Bing carb on there. They used a more powerful 12mm on the 1D, and a weaker 14mm on a lot of the As, Bs, and Cs. I don't know why.


"A... comes with a 14mm diameter intake."

"B... comes with a 12mm diameter intake."

"C... comes with a 14mm diameter intake."

"D... paired with a 26mm diameter exhaust and a unique 12mm square bing that has no needle."

I have also heard that although the 12mm on the 1D is good, a 15mm Bing or Dellorto is better and the AMAL is the best, but a little more complicated.

I was asking because I wanted to hear from someone with personal experience. The wiki isn't always the best source. For example, it seems that most of the people who worked on the wiki and shop at treats don't even know how to put on a simple exhaust.

I got the Giannelli pipe, the one that so many complain it falls off constantly. I simply used a rubber mallet to to tap the pipe all the way on and it stays on so tight that I didn't even need a bracket or to use the screw that squeezes the exhaust port. I road around with just friction holding it on for a week and it didn't move. I finally made a bracket "just in case", but when I was putting it on, I noticed the pipe hadn't even slipped half a mm.

Re: 1980 Sachs Suburban 505/1D + Giannelli Circuit Pipe. Carb/Intake questions

I would never pay $100 for a 15mm bing. Your intake is probably 14mm, so why not use a 14mm round bing. Those can be had cheap for a used one on buy/sell. You can make the intake spacer and save a few bucks too. I was jetted at 68 on my 14 bing, ported A cylinder, and a Puch techno circuit.

Re: 1980 Sachs Suburban 505/1D + Giannelli Circuit Pipe. Carb/Intake questions

The reason the gianelli breaks is because the engine is soft mounted to the frame, and the pipe is hard mounted to the frame and the engine. It will break if you don't get it unmounted from the frame. Give it some time and it'll live up to its reputation. Mine is mounted to the engine only with brackets I welded to the circuit portion.

SHA is your cheapest option. Amals are kinda expensive. Bings just suck. Also, the intake risers are out of stock right now. I need to send some more to treats.

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