1980 Sachs Suburban 505/1D + Giannelli Circuit Pipe. Carb/Intake questions

Dan Kubica /
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Hi all. I have a 1980 Sachs Suburban. I already have the Gianelli Circuit pipe. I have heard that it works quite well with a carb upgrade. I was thinking of going with the 15mm Bing that many Puch mopeds are compatible with and the Athena 15mm intake. My motor is the 505/1D and my bike is stock except for the Giannelli Circuit pipe and a long seat/passenger pegs.

Will these parts all fit on my 505/1D as is, or will I need additional parts?

Sachs Athena 15mm Flat Bing Intake - https://www.treatland.tv/sachs-athena-15mm-bing-intake-flat-p/sachs-athena-15mm-intake-flat.htm

15mm Puch Bing - https://www.treatland.tv/bing-15mm-carburetor-puch-moped-p/bing-15mm-carburetor.htm


Is that all I need to add a 15mm round Bing? I read in some places yes, and other places that I will need this spacer:


Also, is the Treats Bing jet range for the square Sachs Bing or the round Puch Bing? I am referring to these: https://www.treatland.tv/bing-jets-60s-range-p/bing-jets-range-60s.htm

If anyone has bought them before (any range), please let me know. I'm guessing the jets are for Puch round Bing because of the price, but I can't find out for sure and the pic isn't the exact jets, just a generic pic, so no help there.

Do I need the spacer or anything else to attach the Athena intake to the 505/1D, the 15mm Bing to the intake, and the MLM air filter to the carb?

Also, any recommendations are welcome. All I have bought so far is the Giannelli pipe. Everything else I can switch up.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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