Throttle stuck open - bing 85/12/101A

I'm adding this to the growing the list of reasons why I am going to replace my carb. I went for my first test drive and after just a few minutes The throttle got stuck open. Thankfully the kill switch work or I would've had a serious problem! This had not happened before, but the slide has always been very tight. I was wondering if there needs to be any additional lubricant for the throttle slide or if the oil in the gas mix should be enough to keep it moving freely. Thanks!

Re: Throttle stuck open - bing 85/12/101A

Patrick Keaton /

Additional lubricant is not needed when used often.

Some person may have lightly damaged the slide,and there might be a bur or burs that needs to be filed off and/or lubrication might be the problem if it is dry.Examine the area inside the carb where the slide slides on for a blockage to the slides path,if the slide is not at fault.

Re: Throttle stuck open - bing 85/12/101A

Slide , or cable might be incorrectly installed. Check all parts for binding.

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dude just fuck those carbs.

best to replace it fully

this is one of many problems with those, others including almost impossible to stop from leaking and nearly no tuning options.

it usually has to do with the carb sides slightly pinching together where they're cut for the choke slide (ironically though there is no choke that goes in the choke slot - remnant from the better roundbing's design i guess...) seems to happen from overtightening either the main clamp or the top 2 screws, i dont really know.

last time i had one that was doing the same thing, it was on a bike that straight up won't fit any other carbs. I sanded it so all the sanding marks were around the circumference, shoved it in the hole and you can see the smudging where it's binding. then filing, sanding and repeating i finally got it to where it doesnt stick

still a shitty leaky untunable carb tho.

Re: Throttle stuck open - bing 85/12/101A

I agree, this carb is really the only thing that is giving me trouble right now! It's on a 1980 Sparta and it is a tight fit. I'm really hoping to be able to put a 14mm round bing on it for a bit more power and reliability.

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