Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

Hey everyone I have a Sachs Moped that has a 505 engine. The pedal shaft does not spin the crank so it does not start. So I am rebuilding it

But I need a detailed tutorial on how to rebuild this thing, I want to make sure I do it right and was wandering if anyone on here can show me exactly what to do so I dont screw it up. Thanks!

Re: Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

1. Are you pulling the clutch lever while trying to start? not kidding, the left lever on your handle bars engages the starter clutch. it looks like a break lever, particularly if you have a model with rear coaster brakes. If that's a dumb question then sorry. It's your first post so I had to ask.

2. What other symptoms are you seeing that make you think rebuild? Are the pedals completely stuck or do they spin without engaging? Are you certain that the starter clutch is engaging? Have you tried taking the cylinder off, does the piston move freely? Is there water damage/rust in the case or are the bearings/seals obviously blown? Did you buy it like this or was it running and then later developed this problem? It could be any number of less serious things and I would try to rule a few of them out before splitting your case.

This will help if you have to rebuild.

Re: Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

I bought the engine not running. Currently the engine is not running and yes I have pulled the starter clutch it I heard it but nothing. The reason I am rebuilding it, is because you can spin the pedals and the crank won't spin at all. Yes the head is off and the crank spins freely, but when you rotate the pedals the crank dosent spin, so I was expecting that on of the gears between the pedal gear and the crank gear is messed up and not competing the circuit.

Re: Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

Brent Bublitz /

The pedals only turn the crank when the clutch is engaged by pulling the starter lever. The symptoms you describe are a mis-adjusted or blown out clutch. There are *no* direct gears between the pedals and the crank.

You don't need to rebuild the motor, you need to clean/adjust your clutch.

Do all of this first:


Re: Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

Okay, let me try that first! Yes because when I had the engine in the bike if you pedaled up to speed and went to start it, it sounded like it was turning over as if it wanted to start or whatever but it never actually started. You think its as simple as rebuilding the clutch? I hope so! that would make it a lot easier

Re: Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

cool exploded view of the 505.

Do you have a high res link to it?

Re: Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

Clutch might have just came loose, mine did last week.

Re: Sachs 505 Engine Rebuild Help!!

yea i just sold a sachs and as i was pulling up to deliver it the clutch came loose. they love to do that, especially from hard braking, but how are you supposed to brake smoothly when you can do sweet coasterbrake skids?!

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