hobbit electrical help

1981 hobbit

I've got no spark. my resistance values are as follows.

blue/yellow to green = 34.8

black/yellow to black white = 1.8

black/yellow to green = .3

black/white to green = 1.5

black/red to green reads as 1 as though its not even registering unless i spin the fly wheel at which point i fluctuates wildly.

something like .2v before the high tension coil and practically nothing after.

do i need a new high tension coil or a new stator or what?

oh, i've installed a new spark plug, a new spark plug cap, and a new battery reading 6.05v

Re: hobbit electrical help

Measuring resistances does not say much. You need to check for voltage while kicking the engine over.

All voltage is AC

Blue/Y is your trigger coil, and will put out fluctuating low voltage to the CDI to indicate when to fire.

Black/Y is the output to the coil from the CDI, which will read voltage whenever the coil is intended to fire for a split second.

B/W is the kill switch and ignition kill wire, if it has continuity to ground while trying to run then you have found your problem.

B/R is the power to the CDI, which should not read 1 for resistance (that is an open circuit, or you have your meter set wrong) and will put out 80-120VAC when you spin the engine over. Note that this line travels in and out of the battery connector in a small jumper loop. This is done as a safety measure to insure that without a battery attached the bike will not fire and burn out the lights. If your battery is disconnected, put it back.

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