Tomos Sprint A55 rear fender wiring question

Problem: All lights seem dim and horn doesn't work

So I bought a 2011 Sprint with some wires chewed up by the back tire under the rear fender. The 2 groups of wires are in separate casings. The main group run to the taillight and break light and are intact. The second group, which seems to be 2 wires that are either yellow, orange or brown. (hard to tell because their is not much left and they are weathered)

Anyone know what the second group of wires is for? Turn signals maybe? Could them being chewed up and not grounded be the cause of my electrical problems? When I press the horn the high beam notification light dims a bit but that's it.

I checked the tomos wiring diagram on here and the one in my owners manual but the problem is the colors they list the wires as clash with each other and are not consistent.

I checked for any loose wire connections already, and next step is to buy a voltmeter and check the wires one by one. I was just wondering if the chewed up rear fender wires are my problem. Thanks.

Re: Tomos Sprint A55 rear fender wiring question

Myron's mopeds website has the wiring diagrams. My Experiance with the same problem is that the colors are accurate.

Re: Tomos Sprint A55 rear fender wiring question

Jerry Franek /

I had two 2012 ST's and bottomed out the shocks and destroyed the wiring after a couple rides. Another lousy Tomos feature. I re-routed the harness through the fender top piece and down to tail and turns. Nothing under the fender now.

Re: Tomos Sprint A55 rear fender wiring question

Cool. I guess I'm just going to get a voltmeter and see if I can just figure out what those 2 wires do through trial and error and getting a better look.

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