81 Honda express sr

I have a few problems with mine and I'm not in the know. If you know what your doing i could pay for parts and service or advice on where to go would be appreciated.


Re: 81 Honda express sr

i like the subhumans screen in the background, i did that same image in high school print shop in 1993.

what kind of problems? some are pretty easy to fix with this manual. it's for the nu50, very similar other than body style.

Re: 81 Honda express sr

Perhaps detailing the problems you have would get you a quick and easy answer. I am not saying all things are quick and knowledgeable. The SR is a rare breed but shares so many similarities with other bikes that it is possible to diagnose anyway. I have an SR engine on my NC50, for instance.

Re: 81 Honda express sr

Rear brakes, leak from I think the tank, and when it hits about 25 it drags and makes a sputtering kind of grinding noise

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