Problem Starting JcPenney Pinto

Finally got my first Moped! It was a barn find and therefore needs a little lovin. I can't seem to start it.

I've checked the spark - spark seems to be good

Cleaned out the carburetor - pretty clean not much gunk there

It seems that the clutch isn't catching. But since this is my first moped, I'm not sure what it's supposed to feel like. When I pull the clutch, I can easily push the bike and it doesn't seem like the engine is turning over. I already checked the transmission fluid and the level was okay. Is it possible that the clutch is too worn out? (According to the Odometer, it only has 900 miles)

Are there any other things I should be checking?



Re: Problem Starting JcPenney Pinto

Fuck your Boys Club /

Check the cable tension on the clutch lever. It might not be pulling the arm enough. It shouldn't be an easy peasy pull, it should have a bit of hulk to it.

If that doesn't help I would dig into the clutch side and make sure everything is properly shimmed and the clutch pads aren't toast.

Re: Problem Starting JcPenney Pinto

can you turn the flywheel, is the motor free?

Re: Problem Starting JcPenney Pinto

Brent Bublitz /

Your cable is not pulling hard enough. Adjust your cable.

Re: Problem Starting JcPenney Pinto

Adjust that cable or manually push the lever forward and then try to start it.

Re: Problem Starting JcPenney Pinto

Princess Rapunzel /

Wait - if you can't turn it over, how'd you check for spark?

Re: Problem Starting JcPenney Pinto

Hi Jess,

I'm in Annapolis, over the past 3-4 yrs, I've gotten pretty good with Puchs (thanks to the MA gang here). I also have tools and love to tinker with them. If you need some help PM me.

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