Kreidler pedal chain/ Throttle Cable

Hey guys,

I just bought a 1979 kreidler MP-19 moped, it has a few problems and new this. First off I need a pedal chain but I cannot seem to find any thing telling me the measurements for it and what type that I need. any ideas?

second, I am in desperate need of a throttle cable, the one I have now does not work. any ideas where I can find one and the correct measurement for one? .Once I start it there's no slowing down it just floors its self I think that the carb is just staying open not sure, its flooded right now. so the pedal chain would help with this so I can burn it out.


Re: Kreidler pedal chain/ Throttle Cable

Dirty30 Dillon /

Get any pedal chain and cut it to length.

Also, any throttle cable should work with knarps. will save you.

Re: Kreidler pedal chain/ Throttle Cable

Patrick Keaton /

Any single speed pedal chain should work,not sure how many links though.

Lubrication,or lack there of, might be your problem.

Check for frays and lubricate by putting oil in the housing at both ends,

or put it in the top of the housing and watch for the oil to come out the bottom of the housing. Use used motor oil,if you do not have anything else.

If that is not it , the carb might be the problem,with lack of lubrication,and or a part in the carb might have a ruff spot that needs to be filed off lightly.

Re: Kreidler pedal chain/ Throttle Cable

a bicycle shop or walmart will have your pedal drive chain.

treats may have kreidler throttle cable or just buy one for puch maxi. they will get it to you fastest.

your idle screw should be turned all the way to right and them turn back left 1.5 turns.

post a picture.

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